custom rubdown transfers
also referred to as
rub on transfers
dry transfers
dry transfer lettering
color transfers
Letraset® transfers
Chromatec transfers
foil dry transfers
CMYK transfers
AllOut-Graphics’ dry transfer and direct imaging techniques are ideal for creating realistic, ‘true to life’ graphic samples, and optimized mock-ups for photo shoots, and focus groups. Our readiness to go ‘All-Out’ combined with a MacGyver style ingenuity has been recognized by ad agencies, graphic artists, industrial designers, model makers and others for many years
Rub down transfers can be color matched to virtually any shade, metallic included. Colors are manually matched to a swatch sample or Pantone code#. The ink’s creamy consistency can be varied via solvents and/or extenders to achieve various degrees of opacity. The accuracy of the match is determined by the skill of the person doing the mixing. This “mix and match” process assures a high degree of precision since the human eye is very sensitive to the slightest hue changes.

Custom rub down transfers are used by industrial designers, product designers, model makers, prop makers, graphic designers, art galleries, museums, art students, universities, print shops, picture framers, sign makers photographers, restaurateurs and others.

Transfers are made from digital files or black and white hardcopy. They are frequently used in combination with digital color proofs to achieve gold stamped and/or embossed effects. Where colour correctness and saturation is important, dry transfers are the answer. Since rubdown transfers can be applied to many substrates other than paper, they are ideally suited for surface designs on see-thru packages (polyester, mylar, Plexiglas, glass) and on aluminum foil. Transfers can be rubbed onto curved objects such as pop cans, bottles and bottle caps.

Rubdowns do a great job on architectural models, articulating detail such as windows, doors and brickwork. Gold transfers may refresh logos on antique pianos, clocks and replicas. Model train, car and plane hobbyists rely on transfer rubdowns for all types of markings. Package designers use dry transfers on presentation mockups, liquor label or wine label comps and cosmetic package prototypes to name a few. Letraset transfers approximate calligraphy-style lettering on diplomas, certificates and report cards. Print shops use custom dry transfer patches to correct errors and omissions.

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